The Chesapeake Amateur Radio Service (CARS Club) Tailgate Fest 2019 will be held on Saturday May 25, 2019 from 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM @ Apostles Lutheran Church. See the Events page for more details!

WTRA Membership Options

Whether your amateur radio interests are public service, emergency communications support, contesting, DXing, VHF/UHF, satellites, digital modes, slow-scan television or any of the other many facinateing facets of out hobby, we would be glad to have you as a member of the Club!

WTRA Membership Application form

Membership Type
 New member application fee  $2.00
 Full membership (licensed Amateur)  $18.00
 Social membership  $15.00
 Associate membership *  $15.00
 Family membership **  $10.00
  • New members joining after the first of the year will be charged dues prorated by quarter.
  • *  An associate (unlicensed) member who receives his/her Amateur Radio license during his/her membership year will be awarded Full membership for the remainder of the year.
  • ** The family membership fee covers all additional individuals of the family living in the same household as the regular member.