Ham of the Year

The KG4BKI Memorial Ham of the Year Award was created in 2007 by the officers of the club to recognize service to the club “above and beyond”. The award trophy was hand-crafted by Chris Peters, N4KIT of materials native to Virginia. The award is now named in honor of it’s first recipient Fred Weaver – KG4BKI (SK – 2014)

2007  KG4BKI Fred Weaver (SK)
2008  W4PRO Jim Wise (SK)
2009  W4RBH Dick Harrell
2010  N4TJI Ron Primmar
2011  N4KIT Chris Peters
2012  W4VX Chris Hanslits
2013  WB4KZI Randy Grigg

Fred Weaver - KG4BKI, first recipient of the Ham of the Year Award

  2014  N4LWC Joe Horton
  2015  W4DXZ Butch Moore
  2016  N4KIT Chris Peters​                                        2017  KA7HBH Glen Little​                                    2018  WB4KZI Stu Tyler​                                        2019  W4RRH Ron Harvey