Isle of Wight County ARES/RACES

Welcome to the Isle of Wight ARES/RACES Team Page

In Isle of Wight, our primary mission is to provide backup communications support for the Isle of Wight County Emergency Services Department. We have permanent operating positions established in the county Emergency Operations Center as well as pre-positioned stations and permanent antennas at the two primary shelters, Windsor High School and Smithfield Middle School. In addition, we have two “Go-Kit” stations packed in pelican cases which can be deployed into the field at backup shelter locations, staging areas, assembly areas or assigned to Field Teams.

Isle of Wight Leadership Team

Emergency Coordinator:  Chris Peters – N4KIT

Asst Emergency Coordinator – Windsor:   Lyle Piner – N4ACK

Asst Emergency Coordinator – Smithfield:  Butch Moore – W4DXZ

Asst Emergency Coordinator – Logistics:  Brenda Peters – W4BJP

Asst Emergency Coordinator – Traffic:  Joe Horton – N4LWC

Resource & Logistics Net Manager:   Glen Little – KA7HBH

NTS Traffic Liaison:   Ray Aston – KK4PUX