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Hey Folks,

I know this has nothing to do with ham radio but I thought I would share some pictures of what turned out to be a fun (except for working on the 10-12 pitch roof) project that will hopefully reduce my monthly debt to Dominion.


The install was pretty straight forward.  I purchased all of the stove pipe and chimney parts from an online company with free shipping and great how to instructions. I had the job quoted from a couple of contractors and it was going to run me around $3500.00.  I got the parts for $950.00 and with the help of Lyle (N4ACK) we did the complete install in about 6 hours.  I think if the roof had not been so steep it would have taken less, but overall I was very pleased with the how it turned out.



Wait!!!! If I can figure out how to turn this into an antenna then it WOULD be fitting for a ham radio website!  Hmmmmmm. Thanks again Lyle!