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The Western Tidewater Radio Association hosted a “Tech Session” at the Windsor Fire department on Saturday, October 3rd. The session was primarily a training session on Ham Radio Deluxe software. The subject matter expert and presenter was our very own Chris Peters, N4KIT. Chris also accommodated requests to include a presentation on NBEMS (Narrow Band Emergency Messaging Software).

151003 HRD Training 01

Chris kicked off the session with a demonstration of the NBEMS software components fldigi and flmsg including the PC based software as well as an Android based component for smart phones and tablets running android. The demonstration emphasized the utility of the software for sending formatted ICS and Radiogram messages during emergencies, including situations where you may have no more equipment than a cell phone and an HT.

151003 HRD Training 02151003 HRD Training 03151003 HRD Training 04

Chris then moved into the Ham Radio Deluxe presentation. The presentation included all the components of the HRD software including Rig Control, Logbook, Digital Master 780 (for operating digital modes), Rotator Control, and Mapper. The major emphasis of the discussion was on Rig Control and Logbook as the most used components. Chris used his laptop PC connected to Joe’s (N4LWC) portable rig and a SignaLink USB sound card and radio interface and displayed the laptop screen through the fire station overhead projector for easy viewing by the group.

151003 HRD Training 05

Chris also took the time to entertain questions from the attendees and answer the questions in detail as well as demonstrate how to perform individual tasks. The session was well attended and well received by all who attended. Those who have not used HRD were given a great overview of the capabilities of the software. Those of us who have been using HRD for some time walked away with new knowledge of functions within the software that can automate many of the functions and make many tasks much easier. For my part, I left looking forward to getting back to the shack and trying out some of the advanced features that I did not know existed even though I’ve been using the software for two years.

151003 HRD Training 06

Many thanks to Chris Peters for sharing his knowledge of the subjects covered and kudos on a job well done!


Lyle Piner, N4ACK