Welcome to the Western Tidewater Radio Association
Serving Amateur Radio in Southeast Virginia

Good day to all,

I’d like to welcome everyone to our new website.  Thanks to Chris Peters (N4KIT) and Kerry and Chris Hanslits for bringing this all together.

First of all I would like to say that its been a great privilege to be the clubs president for the past 9 months.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the position and  look forward to the rest of the year as we approach the holiday season. I’d like to especially welcome our new members. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance with anything you need.  I like to think of our club as one big family always willing to lend a helping hand not only for your radio needs but whatever life may throw at you as well.  I have been the recipient of much needed assistance the past few months from some extraordinary friends during my times of need. I especially want to thank my favorite Ham, my wife and my best friend Kelly Horton (KA1GH) for her unselfish support. You are truly God sent and I love you very much.

Our club has grown quite a bit this past year not only in membership numbers but also in the capacity to better serve our community in a time of natural disaster if and when the need should arise. We have new leaders at the helm of ARES/RACES. Randy Grigg is our ARES/RACES District 10 Emergency Coordinator and Chris Peters is our Isle of Wight Emergency Coordinator.  Both have taken great strides to bring our readiness to a new high. Chris has requested funds for and received equipment for several field deployable radios and associated equipment. He has also put together the necessary communication teams to properly man and maintain the EOC and area shelters as well as the various support and logistics position needed to support and facilitate a smooth (well, as smooth as possible in an emergency situation) and well organized communication team . My wish would be to never have to activate this very capable team but, God forbid if we ever needed to, I feel we could provide to very best support to our community.  Thanks to all who have volunteered to be part of our Emergency Communication Team. We welcome all who wish to help.

We had a great summer!  Field Day 2015 was, well……WET!!!!! We held the annual event at one of the areas historic earthen forts created during the Civil War.  Fort Boykins has a rich tradition and is one of Isle of Wight’s most unknown gems.  Its a great place to spend the afternoon strolling along the earth mounds that over look the mighty James River.  Anyway,  I think the Field Day Gang is looking forward to investigating a new location for Field Day 2016. Did I mention that we got WET at Field Day???????? Stay tuned for more info………..If anyone missed it we got REALLY WET during Field Day!!!!

Ok, that’s enough of that!

HAMFEST!!  The Club had a table at the most recent Virginia Beach Ham Fest held in Sept.  A few club members sold some equipment just in time to buy some new equipment….or new old equipment,…..Some club members just added to their current list of equipment. But I think we all enjoyed visiting with our Ham friends across the water and catching up with old friends as well as putting a face to some new call signs. So I guess the next big gathering will be during Frost Fest this coming February.  I’m sure we’ll be making the pilgrimage to Richmond as we have done the past couple of years.  I for one am looking forward to it.


The Fred Weaver Memorial Scholarship Fund.  This was an extraordinary event.  We had 4 very appreciative recipients this year each receiving a $500.00. scholarship.

Alexander R Peters (Alex) – KI4UNO – Attending Old Dominion University

Rebekah M. Wilson – KJ4WCK – Attending Paul D Camp Community College

Dakota Bernacki – KK4BWI – Attending Tidewater Community college

Casey J. Horton – W4MIM – Attending University of Virginia

We are very proud of our young Hams!!!  Keep up the good work guys and Gals!!

For those of you new to the club and didn’t know Fred, I’m sorry to say that you missed knowing a very intelligent, colorful, funny and all round great Ham.  More affectionately known as Field Day Fred, he was a master at digital communications, always had a smile on his face and usually showed up to our functions wearing a Hawaiian shirt.  He could pull the digital bleeps and blurps out of mid air using a coat hook and duct tape.  God Speed Fred!!! We miss you.

The next club meeting is November 6th.  We will be at our usual location at the Main Street Restaurant in Smithfield, Virginia.  Hope everyone can attend.  The doors open at 6pm. Meeting usually starts by 7pm.  I don’t think we have a presentation set up as of yet so if anyone has a request be sure to let us know.

Well, I think that’s enough for now.  Thanks for your continued support.  Without our great members we would not have our great Radio Club.


73’s and God Bless